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sewBoise is accepting in-person appointments for alterations. Click to schedule! If you have items to pick up, or items to drop off that do not require a fitting, please call or text 208-685-9410 for curbside service, or use our sewConvenient Dropbox.

​Group classes are paused for 2020.

Private lessons are available in person, or on Zoom.

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Regarding Custom Sewing

  • How Much Does Custom Work Cost?
  • How Long will my Project Take?
  • Do you get Fabric or do I? Where do I go?

Regarding Alterations

  • How quickly can I get my alterations back?
  • Who does the alterations? The students or the teachers?

Regarding Sewing Classes and Private Lessons

  • Can you help me figure out how to use my sewing machine?
  • What class(es) should I take?

Regarding Other Services Offered

  • Can I still drop off my Dry Cleaning at sewBoise, even pieces not being altered?
  • Do you service and repair Sewing Machines?

How Much Does Custom Work Cost? 

We encourage you to set up an appointment for a consultation at sewBoise. There are a multitude of factors that determine how long a project is going to take, and therefore, how much it will cost to complete. Each seam we sew takes time to complete, so the more pieces a garment has, the more time consuming it will be to cut out and assemble, and therefore the more expensive it will be. We use a computer program to estimate and bid all of our work, so you can be confident the price we give you up front will be the price you are charged at the end of the project (assuming there are no changes to the scope of work along the way). If your bid is at the top of your budget, we may have some ideas for streamlining the process and reducing the cost; eliminating seams, working with different fabrics, making multiple identical pieces at once, different methods of finishing the inside, etc. When asking for a quote, please provide as much information as you can; your timeline for the project, photos or drawings of “inspiration” pieces, color and fabric ideas, information about your figure, and your budget. 

How long will my project take? 
The time line depends on the complexity of the project, your schedule (for fittings), our workload, and the availability of the right fabric, trim, and notions. It’s typical for a formal garment, such as a bridal gown or a tailored suit, to take 2 to 4 months to complete. Dresses, vests, shirts and pants can be completed more quickly, as long as you are available for fittings and the fabric can be found locally. Home dec. and other uncomplicated projects that do not require fittings are usually very fast – only a couple of weeks, once we have the fabric.

Do you get the fabric or do I? Where do I go?  
You are welcome to buy your fabric and bring it to us if you wish. However, we don’t want the project to turn out poorly because of an incorrect fabric choice, or an incompatibility between the fabric and the design of the garment. Whether you purchase your fabric, or choose to have sewBoise source it for you, we will need to discuss the choice of fabric early in the process. We strongly recommend that you invest in the highest quality fabric that you can afford. If necessary, simplify your design and buy quality fabric. Locally, fine fabrics are available at CLOTH, and sewBoise has its own small collection. 

How quickly can I get my alterations back? 
Our turnaround time for standard alterations varies, but is usually 10-14 days. Bridal and formal wear takes several weeks, and will almost always require an interim fitting. If you need something urgently, we can usually offer same week, next day, or same day rush service for an additional fee.

Who does the alterations? The students or the teachers? 
The teachers! We do not allow students to be involved in work for clients. All of the alterationists at sewBoise have extensive experience and expertise performing professional alterations, and adhere to the ASDP Standards of Quality. We do formal and bridal gowns, menswear, military uniforms, jean hems that look just like the original, skirts, jackets, and pants, tricky stuff like leather and sequined garments, zipper repair and replacement.

Can you help me figure out my sewing machine (or serger)?
Yes. Since we don't allow students to bring sewing machines to beginner level classes, the best way to learn to figure out your sewing machine is private lessons. We'll help you learn threading, adjusting, features, etc. Just make sure you bring everything you have for it, e.g. presser feet, power cord, owner's manual. It's best if it has been recently serviced (we partner with Johnson's Sewing Center to service and repair machines). Click here or give us a call at (208) 685-9410 to schedule a private lesson.

What class(es) should I take?
It depends on what your current skill level is and what your goals are. If you haven't sewn before and are over 10 years of age, you can sign up for the
Jump Start Beginning sewing class or for a private lesson. If you're between the ages of 9-12, you can sign up for the Youth Sewing classes or a private lesson. Kids under 7 are happily taught in private lessons.

If you have sewn before, you can look at our description of skill levels to see where you fit. Next, view our classes grouped by interest. Then you can see
what classes are currently being offered for your particular skill level and desires.

Can I still drop off my Dry Cleaning at sewBoise, even pieces not being altered?

Absolutely! Henry from Green Leaf Cleaners picks up and drops off items for dry cleaning and laundry every Tuesday and Friday between noon and 1pm. GLC does not accept rugs or leather/fur for cleaning.

Do you service and repair Sewing Machines?

We partner with Johnson's Sewing Center to offer sewing machine repair and service. Drop off your machine during our regular business hours, or during your private sewing lesson. Johnsons' technician visits us on Fridays and typical turnaround for machine service is 3 weeks (RUSH service is available if no parts need to be ordered). 

Price Estimates

​Sewing Machine          $70

Serger                            $75

Embroidery Machine $80+

Specialty                       TBD

***Parts additional***