Jeanah Alder
Alterations, Custom Sewing, & Beginning-Intermediate Level Instructor

​​​Becca Lynn
Shop Assistant 

​Becca joined the sewBoise team in January of 2019, and hasn't worked around sewing much before. During high school, she worked at a embroidery shop in Tullahoma, Tennessee where she grew up. She worked there for about two years before she moved to Boise to go to BSU. Right now, she is undeclared, but is considering going to a dental assisting school or cosmetology school. 

Becca has a passion for fashion and is interested in learning clothes design and custom projects. She loves being creative and expressing herself through her appearance, whether that's a snazzy pair of snakeskin boots or colorful eyeshadow to match her outfit for the day. She loves being around people, and does a lot of service and traveling with her friends when she has free time. Although she's southern at heart, she feels being in Idaho has taught her so much, and she enjoys all the new experiences she is able to have out here!  

Olivia first became interested in sewing when her best friend’s mother was planning her wedding, and she caught a glimpse of her bridal magazines. Immediately interested, Olivia began making Frankenstein style dresses out of sheets, until her mother had had enough, and signed Olivia up for classes with Erin at the age of twelve. Ever fearless in her pursuit of fashion and sewing, she attempted to make a wedding gown and a tulle formal as her first 2 projects. Erin and her other teachers managed to rein her in enough to help build basic skills. Since then, Olivia has made dozens of garments of varying complexity, including her Rococo era styled prom dress for her senior year of high school in 2016. The dress used 14 yards of silk dupioni and took several months for Olivia to complete after she designed it and drafted the pattern. Olivia, an avid thrift store shopper and vintage clothing enthusiast, has also altered and repaired scores of her finds.   

Since its opening in 2012, Olivia has been working as sewBoise’s shop assistant. During summers, she enjoys teaching beginner sewing classes like Jump Start and the Youth Sewing Camps. Olivia is pursuing a degree in historical fashion at the university of Brighton in England, graduating in 2020. ​ Learn from Olivia.

Instructors and Staff

Erin Retelle        
Owner, Custom Sewing, Alterations, Intermediate-Level Instructor

Erin has been sewing more or less all her life. She began designing and sewing clothing for her dolls as a child, and then moved on to full-sized fashions after learning to use a sewing machine. She’s been her friends’ go-to gal for custom costumes and outfits, mending and alterations for almost two decades. 

After moving to Boise in 2004, she picked up some more advanced design and construction techniques from local instructors and fell into helping design and build costumes for the ballroom dance community she is a part of. She and partner Frank launched Oversway Originals, a custom ballroom dance costume company, a precursor to sewBoise.

Erin comes from a family of educators, and is no exception, many have described her as an exceptional teacher.
She thoroughly enjoys teaching, learning and sharing sewing tricks with others.

​​​Clare Nelson
Shop Assistant 

Clare is a lifelong artist and crafter. She always has to be in the midst of some sort of creative project, whether that's drawing, writing, making music, or sewing. One of Clare's favorite activities is thrifting for old clothes and turning them into something new and one-of-a-kind.

Clare is currently a student a Boise State University pursuing a degree in illustration and hopes to one day write and illustration children's books. From her experience as both an art student and a team member of sewBoise, Clare has come to realize the importance of surrounding herself with creativity in all of its many forms.

Zuzana went to the School of Fashion and Clothes Production, where she received her Bachelor's degree. Afterward, wanting to take her success abroad and explore the world, Zuzy left Slovakia and moved to Switzerland for a few years, where she studied French at the University of Geneva, and where she met her husband, who is from the United States. 

The couple moved to the US and married, and Zuzana is now a wife and mother of two. She is still creating and still believes what she believed at 13, "I'll make it myself!" Zuzy has been adding to sewBoise's success since 2015.

Zuzana was born and raised in Slovakia. When she was 13, she knew what she wanted, but couldn't afford it, so she had a great idea, "I'll make it myself!" Zuzy pulled out her grandma's sewing machine, and her mom's old clothes, and started creating. 

The beggining was bumpy, but as stubborn as Zuzy was, she didn't give up. By the age of 15, all Zuzana's spare time was spent drawing, painting, and sewing. She was sewing all her clothes, and sewed clothes for friends and family too. Even at that age, she knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. 

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Zuzana Brower
Custom Sewing & Alterations 

Yvonne joined the staff at sewBoise the summer of 2016, just minutes after she and her husband packed up everything they owned and moved here from Lincoln, NE. 

She has been sewing since she was little. She took lessons, read books, and practiced by making Barbie clothes and matching dresses for her 2 sisters. She now sews most of her wardrobe. Having been asked by lots of friends over the years to sew everything imaginable, she realized her passion could be her livelihood. She opened her home business and began sewing for brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, and high school prom-goers.

She loves sharing her passion for sewing with others, so Yvonne teaches beginning and beginner-plus students of all ages in group classes (like Jump Start Beginning Sewing) and in private lessons. She has a BA in business and English, and has worked in the training industry, so she's great at distilling information and communicating it in an understandable and fun way. Yvonne works primarily with commercial patterns, and is familiar with the Moulage. 

Yvonne's pastimes are sewing, touching fabric, and spending way too much time at fabric stores. She loves the feeling of wearing a beautiful new dress she just made for herself, and seeing the smile on a woman's face when her dress fits her like a glove and makes her look and feel fantastic. When she's not sewing or planning to sew, she's likely spending time with her princess dog, Bella, her husband, Phil, or her daughter, Anastasia. 

​​Olivia Terry
Shop Assistant & Beginning-Level Instructor

​​Anna Timm
Sewing, Administration, Education 

​Anna began sewing as a small child, making tiny quilts under her mother’s quilting frame. Her passion for textiles grew on her aunt’s farm where she watched raw wool being processed into garments. The process of turning fiber to something beautiful and wearable sparked an insatiable curiosity for all things fabric.

In Illinois, Anna studied painting and taught art classes as a graduate assistant, fueling her love for material and passing on knowledge. She began sewing costumes for her friends, and in the theater department, then began making her own clothes for the beautiful details and custom fit that only personalized sewing can offer. 

Marianna Edwards   
Beginning-Intermediate Level Instructor 

Marianna has been teaching high school level art since 2007. Prior to teaching in the public schools she taught drawing and painting to children and adults at private art institutions in South Florida and San Francisco. Like many sewers, her grandmother gave her scraps of fabric to make doll clothes, but she did not own a machine of her own until about 2010. Sewing has become an additional creative passion for Marianna and she enjoys teaching her passions to others.

Marianna teaches beginning through intermediate students, including children over 7, pre-teens, teens and adults. She instructs beginner group classes and often oversees the Tuesday Evening Assisted Sewing Lab. She works with commercial patterns as well as with the Moulage. She also speaks and reads Spanish. 

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In 2010, Erin joined the Association of Design and Sewing Professionals and began participating in the organization's annual educational conference where she continues to expand her sewing and design skill set, improve her teaching techniques and share her work. 

Being an engaged business owner and asset to her community is central to Erin's plans. She graduated from the Executive MBA program at BSU in May of 2018, and was one of the Idaho Business Review's honorees for the Accomplished Under 40 Award in 2016 (see page 31).

Erin teaches beginning through intermediate-plus students, including teens and pre-teens. Although she only speaks English herself, she is comfortable teaching those whose primary language it isn't. Erin is sewBoise's resident knit and serger expert. She works extensively with the Moulage as well as with commercial patterns, and is always up for a rework of a pattern or existing garment.

Read more about Erin in the press, schedule a private lesson with her, or send her an e-mail.

Yvonne Liescheski
Beginning-Level Instructor

Anna’s specialties are in project planning, fabrics, and detail work. She loves sharing her passion for textiles and finding just the right fabric for a successful project. Anna joined the team at sewBoise in 2019, where she gets to use and expand her textile knowledge every day. When not sewing, spinning yarn, dying, or knitting, Anna can usually be found exploring the vast wilderness outside of Boise. Learn from Anna.

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​​Caitlin Smith
2018-2019 Apprentice 

Caitlin has dabbled in the areas of sewing, historical reenactments, and cosplay. She graduated college with an Associates in Business. 

Her love of sewing came at the age of 6 when she would go to historical reenactments and rendezvous with her grandparents. They taught her all that they knew, and her drive to continue learning has developed over the years. Cosplay came at the age of 17 when she went to her first comic con. 

When she moved to Boise in 2013, she continued making cosplay pieces and documenting her work to enter in competitions. She now judges cosplay competitions at conventions and helps educate those who come to her about basics and documenting their work.

Caitlin joined the sewBoise team in 2018 as a sewing apprentice and general do-everything-that-needs-to-be-done helper. She continues to quench her thirst for learning by soaking up anything the rest of her coworkers and mentors will teach her. 

Sewing/designing has been a part of Jeanah's life since her earliest memories, coming from a tradition of resourceful, stylish, women and men. She enjoys practicing and expanding her technique regularly and being able to share that knowledge with others. Jeanah specializes in hemp and organic fabrics, hand dying, up-cycled projects, and small batch production. 

Jeanah has been adding to sewBoise's success since 2017.​  Learn from Jeanah.

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